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Privacy Policy

"Marriage is a blessing by God"


You can be a member of Sindhoora Kuruvi - Bees and Queen  by paying and not paying registration fees.

Rate of registration fees varies depending on category that you choose and it is in the range of 2500, 5000, 5,000, 10000 etc.

Category I - Those who register in the 2500 category, we shall be talking to other parties (after initial briefing about them to you and photo exchange through whatsup) and if they are also OK with your proposals, we shall be allowing you to have a conference talk over phone and if both of you are satisfied, we shall be allowing you to have a meeting. This service shall continue till marriage is fixed. Once marriage is finalized a service charge of Rs. 25,000 shall be applicable and it should be remitted to our bank account mentioned hereunder after fixing marriage, prior to marriage.

Category II – Second is VIP Registration. Those who wish to register under VIP category, registration fee shall be Rs. 10,000 and commission shall be Rs. 1,00,000 after fixing marriage. Here we shall be referring you only high end proposals, such as highly qualified, highly rich, cultured, big business group etc cases only.

Category III – In between I & II is there is a scheme. Here registration fee shall be Rs. 5000 and commission after fixing marriage shall be Rs. 50,000.

Category IV – (No Commission Category). Those who register under Rs. 5000 category shall be getting access to our website. Using user name and password, allocated to you, you can browse through our website, find suitable matches, call parties directly and fix the marriage. Since our involvement is nil here, no need to pay service charge after fixing marriage.

Category V -Free registration. Free members shall not be getting above mentioned services. Free members shall be getting calls from us, on behalf of our paid members. Those who are not in a hurry to marry and ready to wait for long can register their details in this scheme. Our service charge is to be paid after fixing the marriage only. (On the day of engagement).

Registration fee can be paid directly to our bank account from anywhere, or by Money Order, Postal Order, Cheque, Bank Transfer, Online Transfer or by directly visiting our office.

Once registration fees is paid, please send proof of remittance by whatsup to us, and on confirmation of same, one of our customer relation officer shall be calling you within 24 to 48 hours of time.


STATE BANK OF INDIA Account Name = Bees and Queen, Current Account No = 67360684061, Branch = Mulamthuruthy, Ernakulum, IFSC No. = SBIN0070


THE SOUTH INDIAN BANK LTD.,  Account  Name  =  Bees and Queen, Current Account No.  0050073000000639. Branch  = Mulamthuruthy, Ernakulum, IFSC – SIBL0000050, Swift Code =  SOININ55XXX

All paid members are requested to be in touch with our customer relation officer assigned to you.


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  1. All paid members are requested to make send payment details by whatsup to 9061032271.
  2. Our working hours is 8.30 am to 4.30 pm and after 5 till 9 pm, partial service shall be available.